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Woobie Starter Kit

  • E-Book What’s Your Woobie
  • 30 Minute Sales Review

New Habit Creator Kit

  • E-Book What’s Your Woobie
  • 30 Minute Sales Review
  • One Hour Coaching Session
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Active Prospector Kit

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  • E-Book What’s Your Woobie (PLUS Paperback)
  • (4) One Hour Coaching Sessions
    • Meaningful Goal Setting
    • Accountability Coaching
    • Results Measurement
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Evolution Kit

  • E-Book What’s Your Woobie (PLUS Paperback)
  • (10) One Hour Coaching Sessions
    • Meaningful Goal Setting
    • Accountability Coaching
    • Results Measurement
  • (1) Virtual Team Presentation
    • For Sales Teams or Networking Groups
    • In Person Presentation Available (Call for Pricing)
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Service Details

Sales Education

Don Wilson delivers sales education to professionals across many industries with a unique approach that inspires his attendees to take action. For over two decades he’s observed the habits of those who succeed in actively prospecting, closing, and retaining new opportunities by referral.

With the use of interactive storytelling and his special brand of humor, he communicates uncomplicated ideas tailored to individual styles that motivates salespeople to create new constants that yield better results.

To schedule a consultation, call (508) 505-5655 or click the link below!

Public Speaking

Looking for a keynote speaker for your next conference, corporate or fundraising event? Don Wilson is a natural “edutainer”, both quick-witted and sincere, who delivers encouragement and joy by sharing the ups and downs of his own journey.

With the use of strong imagery and props like his own “Woobie” from his childhood that became the main character of his first book about embracing uncomfortable change, get ready to experience someone who is truly driven by the success and happiness of others.

To schedule a consultation, call (508) 505-5655 or click the link below!

Business Coaching

From the educators who teach our children to team managers from all levels of achievement, Don Wilson has tremendous admiration for ALL coaches because it reflects one’s natural instinct to help another human learn and improve.

Don’s accountability coaching program is perfect for sales professionals, team leaders, business owners, and C-suite individuals looking to be challenged by a more targeted approach to meaningful goal creation, habit improvement, and results-based instruction. Take your journey today.

To schedule a consultation, call (508) 505-5655 or click the link below!

The ``What's Your Woobie`` Podcast


What's YOUR Woobie

Simple Strategies on Your Uncomfortable Path to New Opportunities

Don Wilson has spent his entire sales career as a mortgage professional in the ever-changing and competitive real estate industry.

Although the relatable metaphor of using his “Woobie” to impact positive change is geared mostly towards sales professionals and referral-based businesses, this whimsical yet powerful concept can be easily applied to almost any desire for self-improvement.

Grab your security blanket or stuffed animal from childhood and let Don, along with his many mentors, family, and friends take you on the journey to finding YOUR uncomfortable path to new opportunities.

Praise for Don


Karen Benz

Executive Coach, Benz Strategic Group

What distinguishes a good leader from a GREAT leader is emotional intelligence… and Don Wilson has very high emotional intelligence. He’s very self-aware, he regulates his emotions, he uses humor appropriately, he’s empathic, and he’s a great speaker. As a trainer, he has the heart of a teacher, and he truly understands how people learn. He’s a genuine and authentic person that I really admire.

Ann Enos

Dir. of Professional Development, RIAR

He’s all encompassing… just like I refer to his name. He’s got a great sense of humor and he knows his subject matter unlike any other presenter that I’ve seen of late. He resonates with his audience, making them feel comfortable while asking the difficult questions. The thing that I love most about him is that the subject matter of sales can get kind of “funky”, but with Donnie around… it’s just us!

Brendon Elliot

Owner, Cornerstone Financial Group / Founder, Networking Group USA

I’ve heard Don speak on different topics on multiple occasions. Even with my 10 plus years of sales training, every time I looked down, without knowing it, I had taken another page of notes! It’s refreshing to hear someone speak who engages every individual in the room. He has a way and energy about him that causes the attendees to gravitate towards him whether he’s in front of 5 or 500 people.

John Faria

Loan Officer, Guaranteed Rate

He saw the potential in me, and some of the best sales and life lessons I’ve ever learned come from Donnie. His teaching is so impactful because of his way of presenting and delivering the material. He makes it easy to absorb, adapt, and implement new habits.


Fun, engaging, and impactful! “…Makes it easy to absorb, adapt, and implement new habits.”

“There’s GOLD in them there hills!”

Learn how to become an active prospector through motivation, a better mindset, and creating more consistent daily habits that inspire growth by referral.

“I’m sold… I think?!”

Learn how to leverage a simple and effective sales model that yields consistency and results.

“The answer is NO!”

Learn the art of preventing objections before you get them.

“I thought you were going to call me?”

Learn how clear expectations and constant communication contribute to an outstanding client experience while earning more reviews and owning your future.

“What’s YOUR Woobie?”

Discover your uncomfortable path to new opportunities in business and in life. We know the things we need to change to improve, yet we don’t because it’s comfortable, just like a security blanket or a stuffed animal. What’s YOUR Woobie?

“I’m about to lose control… and I DON’T like it!”

Learn how to control your sale and your destiny with the use of simple agendas, more effective communication, and the establishment of clear next steps.

“Here’s my card…WHERE’S MY BUSINESS?”

Enjoy a workshop that helps you create your very own referral ask, personalized to your goals and reflective of your style. Once you believe in your ask you actually ask for business 100% of the time.

“Liquor, and Coffee, and Lunch…OH MY!” *Fan Favorite

Learn how to save time and produce results by networking with focus and purpose.

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About Don

“Embrace uncomfortable change. Create better constants. Enjoy new opportunities!”

Don Wilson earned his Bachelor and Master’s degrees from Bryant University, and he’s a 20-plus year veteran of the ever-changing mortgage industry. He earned multiple President’s Club Honors as a Mortgage Loan Originator and Sales Manager at two different companies prior to becoming part of the founding team of Province Mortgage Associates in 2005.

As Marketing Director, Don coaches mortgage professionals, delivers sales education, and helps to produce creative marketing and community outreach programs. Prior to his mortgage career, Don was a full-time musician playing acoustic guitar and singing all over New England to help fund his college education. In 2010, Don wrote and produced an album titled, “Sedated Echo” which raised funding and created awareness nationwide when his son, Jacob was born with CHD (Congenital Heart Disease). His entertaining and simple approach to helping sales professionals, educators, networking groups, and fundraising organizations discover better results inspired him to launch a new venture in 2018 titled Prospecting Intelligence.

Don Wilson is about helping people embrace uncomfortable change to create better constants that produce new opportunities. His new sales brand also landed him the role of Chapter Educator for the fast-growing business networking organization, Networking Group USA, which helps business owners and other professionals build relationships that earn new clients by referral.

2020 marks the release of his first book titled “What’s YOUR Woobie? – Simple Strategies on Your Uncomfortable Path to New Opportunities”, the subject of which was accepted as an “idea worth spreading”, landing him as a speaker for TEDx Bryant University.

Don lives by the simple credo he’s taught his three children for years, “I try to make a stranger smile every day!”



Creating New Habits

As you progress through my “Forais” (Four-A’s) system, the ultimate goal is to identify YOUR Woobie while embracing the idea of giving it up towards the creation of new and better habits of success. I named my company Prospecting Intelligence for a reason: Prospecting – We’re all looking for new opportunities.  Intelligence – The knowledge…

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