The “What’s Your Woobie” Podcast

Episode 1:

A Conversation with Karen Benz

A heart-felt chat with my greatest mentor, Karen Benz, expert in the DiSC® assessment, and long-time executive coach. Karen covers how a heightened sense self-awareness contributes to success and shares the impact it had on her own journey, overcoming tremendous adversity in life and in business.

Episode 2:

A Conversation with Greg Carpenter

Don Wilson and Certified Coach/LMFT, Greg Carpenter, discuss groundbreaking concepts and techniques learned and perfected over many centuries, that help us learn how to better accept the good, the bad, and even the ugly about ourselves to influence positive change in our lives.

Episode 3:

A Conversation with David Currie

Listen and experience the journey of two great friends and colleagues as they uncover secrets to a 20 plus year run in business together, and how Dave’s formula for better habits and accountability have PROVEN to be the backbone to his success and the people around him.

Episode 4:

A Conversation with Brendon Elliot

What is it like to be inspired to launch your own networking organization? Don chats with Brendon Elliot about the power of creating quality relationships that resonate beyond the exchange of business cards, and how you can become the “I got a person for that” go-to individual in your circle of influence.

Episode 5:

A Conversation with Brian Butler

Can you imagine working for the same company for over 30 years? Two books, countless key-note speeches, and a few promotions later, Brian Butler shares valuable sales insight and the details behind his long-standing career with a pillar of the Rhode Island business community.